University-Industry Contracting Webinar Series

Attend this series of nine webinars to learn about university-industry (U-I) research contracting from experts in the University Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP), the premier organization focused on this topic. Webinar presenters will do a deep dive into some of the most contentious issues in university-industry contracting.

What is the learning value of the series?

This webinar series allows for interaction with experts on sponsored research contracting with extensive Q&A sessions and modern approaches. You will hear from UIDP experts about common clauses, issues of contention, and how to address the challenges of negotiating industry sponsored research agreements. Institutions use the UIDP Contract Accords as practical guidance and detailed reference material to help both parties understand typical issues, address them, and thereby collaborate more effectively.

There is no limit to the number of people who can view the video at one location—invite your team to view and discuss the video together!

Registration & Cost


Member Pricing: $100 per webinar or $800 for the series, a $100 savings.

Non-member Pricing: $1600 for the series, a $400 savings.

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Full Series Schedule

Join the conversation every other Wednesday from 1:00- 2:30 PM ET, beginning August 17.
Non-Member Cost Date Topic
$200 August 17 Confidentiality & Publications
$200 August 31 Liability, Indemnification, and Warranties
$250 September 14 Foreground Intellectual Property
$250 September 28 Background Intellectual Property
$200 October 12 Other Research Results
$200 October 26 Copyright
$250 November 9 Software
$250 November 30 New Models
$200 December 14 International Contracting Issues

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“The University-Industry Contracts Webinar Series covers significant issues and provides practical guidance to help universities and companies understand each other’s perspectives, understand the special and legal constraints they each face, and address challenges in negotiating these agreements. The webinars offer helpful information for anyone whose job deals with research agreements.” –Past webinar participant from industry

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