At UIDP, we find ways to make people’s jobs easier.

Our membership comprises some of the finest innovation companies and best research universities in the world: organizations committed to active participation in pursuit of excellence in U-I collaboration and partnership.

For many UIDP participants, the UIDP is a place to access and engage with other decision makers, formally and informally, where opportunities to do so would not otherwise have existed.

How We Describe the UIDP

UIDP Membership

We’re a forum with global impact.

Membership in the UIDP complements membership in regional organizations and professional societies and associations.

Our membership base is broad.

UIDP member representatives come from a broad cross-section of industry sectors, organizations and academic institutions, with many different functions, scopes and areas of responsibility. This breadth of interests is critical because it enables us to arrive at a more robust set of solutions and innovations.

We expect participation and engagement.

We are an organization of problem solvers. Working together, we tackle the most challenging issues impacting U-I relations, through creative—and sometimes disruptive—problem-solving. We produce practical resources to help our members in the work they do.

We’re not too big.

Active UIDP participants really get to know each other. This stimulates lively and productive networking and round-table discussions, as well as ongoing networking outside the scope of UIDP-specific activities.

Our members determine what we do.

Only UIDP members can propose and participate in UIDP projects.

What Our Members Say

Our members identify the major benefits of UIDP membership as:

  • Sharing best practices and engaging in dialogue with counterparts in industry and academia
  • Problem-solving through participation in projects and working group meetings
  • Networking with representatives from leading universities and corporations
  • Sharing knowledge and experience
  • Understanding different perspectives
  • Accessing and utilizing UIDP products

While our focus is on developing practical solutions to address obstacles to collaboration, we also offer UIDP members several ways to identify and connect with potential new partners along the entire partnership continuum (more on this here).

Member Testimonials


All Current Members

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Get the Most Out of Your Membership

Membership in the UIDP is organizational, not individual. Any employee of a member organization can access UIDP resources and participate in projects and activities. The benefits your organization realizes will depend on the specific interests and needs of those who represent you.

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This document is subject to change. Email for more details.

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Interested in UIDP Membership?

The UIDP is a roll-up-your-sleeves organization, focused on solving problems not just talking about them. We are a recognized leader in addressing issues impacting research collaboration because of the active participation and engagement of our members. Organizations considering applying to join the UIDP need to ask:

  • Are we willing to share our experiences in U-I collaboration and partnership so others can learn from them?
  • Can our organization contribute constructive input to UIDP discussions?
  • Are we willing to be active participants in UIDP Projects and activities?

We invite organizations committed to action to contact us at to apply for membership.

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Members can pay their annual membership dues by check, credit card and wire transfer.

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