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At the UIDP, we identify, create and test demonstrations and approaches to address operational and strategic issues affecting U-I collaboration.

The resources we create reflect the experiences and knowledge of those who participate in our activities and are developed primarily for exclusive use by UIDP members. However, we do make some UIDP resources available to the broader U-I community as a way to support the continued pursuit of effective, productive relationships at the U-I interface.

Before you get started: when you use a UIDP resource, you’re agreeing to and acknowledging the UIDP’s Disclaimer and Publication Use policies. You can read those in full here.

I/UCRC Program Webinar

Learn about the NSF's Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers (I/UCRC) Program.

Partnering with Industry: Best Practices

The Partnering with Industry: Best Practices Learning Module is intended to familiarize learners with how to form partnerships between Academic Medical Centers and Industry.

Graphic for Partnering at the U-I Interface video

Partnering at the U-I interface: the BASF & UC San Diego Partnership

UIDP member reps Chris Hewitt (BASF) and Anne O'Donnell share their perspectives on how the BASF & UC San Diego partnership has developed over time.

Researcher Guide Book

The Researcher Guidebook + Quick Guide (2012)

A practical handbook and quick guide to help active industrial and academic researchers work together more effectively.

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    UIDP29 will explore questions, strategies, opportunities, and success stories focused on developing 21st century talent through meaningful partnerships.

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